i am yours, save me


God made us all to have a relationship with Him.  For our lives to revolve around Him.

But we’ve all lived life our own way, apart from Him, centered on ourselves.

What will happen when we die depends on what we do with our lives on earth. If we choose to live our lives on earth apart from God, we will live for ever, apart from God.  The Bible calls this hell.

If we choose to live in relationship with God on earth, we will live for ever, with Him.  The Bible calls this heaven.

How can we come into relationship with Him, considering we’ve sinned against Him by living our own way?  Through Jesus Christ.

God is love.  He doesn’t want us to live apart from Him, now or in eternity.  He made us to live in His love.  So He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to live in our world as a human being and then die on a cross.  Why did He die on the cross?  
To pay the punishment that you and I deserve for our sin. 

Because the punishment has been paid, God can forgive us for having lived apart from Him.  Our relationship with Him can be restored.

What’s more, Jesus rose from the dead and God sends the Holy Spirit of Jesus to live in anyone who comes back into relationship with Him.  The Holy Spirit makes us into new people and by His power we can live with our lives centered on God and not on ourselves.  It is a great adventure!

Do you want to come into relationship with God through Jesus Christ?  
Do you want to be forgiven of all your sin and become a new person in Jesus? 
Do you want your life to revolve around God and not around you?

If so, call out to God with all your heart, “I am Yours, save Me.”  (Psalm 119:94)  Trust Him, He will hear you. 


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