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James - A Study : Part Six (Ch. 3)

James - A Study : Part Five (2:8-13)

James - A Study : Part Four (2:1-9)

James - A Study : Part Three (1:12-27)

James - A Study : Part Two (1:5-12)

James - A Study : Part One (1:8-14)


Living in Babylon (Part 2- A look at Daniel Chapter 3)

Living in Babylon (Part 1 - A look at Daniel Chapter 1)


Consecration (Joshua 5)

Virtue (Part 2)

Virtue (Part 1)

The Unseen

Christian Character

Rest (Part 3)

Rest (Part 2)

Rest (Part 1)




Count Your Blessings

The Joy of the Lord (Part 2)

The Joy of the Lord (Part 1)


Beyond a Holy Life

That I May Know Him

Open Doors

Troubled Times (Part 2)

Troubled Times (Part 1)


Victory! (Part 2)

Victory! (Part 1)

Bearing Much Fruit

God is Good (Part Two)

God is Good (Part One)

Seeing through the deceitfulness of sin

How to deal with temptation

Father (Part 2)


Sacrificing Isaac

Are you living in Laodicea?

Renewing Your Mind

Jonah, Friend of God? (Part 2)

Jonah, Friend of God? (Part 1)

The One Thing Worth Being Concerned About


Rediscovering Your First Love

God disciplines those he loves

Is God Angry with Me? 

Little Children, Keep Yourselves from Idols

You Shall Eat the Good of the Land! 

Don't turn back!

The Lordship of Jesus Christ (Part 4)

The Lordship of Jesus Christ (Part 3)

The Lordship of Jesus Christ (Part 2)

The Lordship of Jesus Christ (Part 1)

The Christian Walk

Listening to God's Voice

How will the world see Jesus?

The Body of Christ

Who does your life revolve around?



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