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 The following English booklets are written and published by The Well Ministries USA.  

The Spanish versions are published by Ministerio La Fuente by kind permission of the author.  

Renewing the Mind Who is that Woman?
Written in hope that it will help new believers and old to walk out the wonders they find in the Word of God. Once we are saved, we have to begin to think afresh. Our spirits have been made alive unto Jesus Christ, but our minds must also be renewed. Dynamite comes in small packages. This little book can revolutionize your concepts of Christianity and church. If you long for more from Christianity than what is offered today, then this book is definitely for you. However, be warned you may never be able to just 'go to church' again.
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Education or Edification Mission or Missions?
We are not instructed to learn about Christ –but to learn Christ. This is a relationship, based not on assembling facts about someone, but on learning that someone. Mission or missions ? A single letter separates these words, but there is a tremendous gulf in their meanings. All through the Bible men are called, chosen of God, and given a specific mission to carry out. This booklet examines in the light of scripture how to go about what we call the “Great Commission”
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